Evaluation of Importers’ Performance

You’ve determined that the best alternative for you is to work with one or several importers. How do you measure their performance?

Sales managers will typically have ways to evaluate the performance of their customers. We observe however many times the same sales managers are somewhat reluctant to cancel existing relationships. They might have formed a personal relationship with the importers and/or be too consumed with other tasks.

It makes sense to get the opinion of a third-party, someone with appropriate experience and no bias either way.

The process mostly involves the following steps:

Discussion with senior management: this includes a review of the existing evaluations as well as the criteria for success, if any.

On-site visits: this involves interviewing end-customers to assess the performance of the different suppliers.


Please note that it is usually imperative to have a solid legal review of the contractual rights and obligations before proceeding with any termination of existing distribution contract. In the same vein, there are several other practical logical steps to keep in mind, such as the collection of outstanding receivables and inventory returns, to name just a few of the key ones. The legal process isn’t part of IntegrationBoost services.

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