Foreign Site Determination

You’ve decided to go ahead and set up a business unit (sales unit, factory, distribution center) abroad. But where? In which country? Which region? Which town? Which industrial park?

The services provided range from project management to advisory services. Such study is typically extensive and requires a lot of desk work as well as field visits.

The process includes the following key steps:

Review of needs: there are many criteria to be considered. The clearer the list of criteria, the easier the analysis.

Analysis of potential solutions: this results in a list of several options, each with a preliminary evaluation

Discussion with client:  this is a formal step to refine and validate the work done so far; determination of short-list

Evaluation of each of the potential locations on the short-list: this is very much a funnel approach. This takes time and resources, including site visits. This includes assessing the impact, if any, of potential incentives offered by local authorities.



Examples of Foreign Site Determination Skills

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