IntegrationBoost LLC Boosts the Integration of Your Foreign Operations!

Assessment of Business Performance of a Foreign subsidiary

Disappointed about the performance of your foreign subsidiary? Perplexed by the apparent miscommunication between your headquarters and your foreign business units?

IntegrationBoost provides an assessment of performance of existing foreign subsidiaries as well as tangible recommendations towards greater profitability.

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Establishing a Sales and Distribution Presence Abroad

Wondering whether it makes sense to sell abroad? If so, how? Should you create a subsidiary in a foreign market? Should you use one or more importers? Should you simply use your own sales force? Do you set up exclusive distribution contracts or not?

IntegrationBoost identifies the options available to establish a sales network and a distribution presence abroad as well as specific recommendations on the best choices.

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Foreign Site Determination

Wondering where to set up a business unit (sales, service, factory, distribution center) in North America? Europe? Western Europe? Eastern Europe? Which city? Wishing to consolidate locations in foreign countries? Where? How? Incentives to be considered?

IntegrationBoost assists with the process of selecting a site of a foreign direct investment (FDI).

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Evaluation of Importers’ Performance

You’ve determined that the best alternative for you is to work with one or several importers. How do you measure their performance?

IntegrationBoost offers an unbiased systematic assessment of importer(s).

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Assessment of Foreign-Exchange Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world only used one currency? That’s a fantasy and we have to deal with the foreign-exchange risks. There are many ways to deal with such risks, each with pros and cons. Once again, the impact on the financial results, short and long-term, may be very important. It is important to pick the right strategy.

IntegrationBoost identifies the options available and provides specific recommendations.

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