The Project: This most recent project was very large and focused on identifying the best location for a new manufacturing location in Europe. The Process: The team included consultants from a very large professional firm.We spent a lot of time narrowing down the list of key business requirements. The process involved in-depth analyses of various

The Project: During my career with a global manufacturer selling around the world, I was faced several times with changes in business circumstances leading us to question the existing distribution system in a given foreign market. (Germany, Russia, Canada, Finland, Brazil, United States) The Process: In all cases, we analyzed the various options and selected what

The Project: One of the companies for which Cyrille worked owns wholly-owned business units in France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, China and the United States. In any US company with global operations, there are many challenges in the communication of the company philosophy, values, culture, strategy, key initiatives and results.