Who is IntegrationBoost LLC?

IntegrationBoost LLC was founded by Cyrille Michel. Having spent over three decades in the international trade arena with businesses ranging from small family-owned dealers all the way to global manufacturers, Cyrille quickly learned the importance of cultural differences as well as myriad of other potential issues that could derail a successful business. Cyrille also benefits from a wide network of experts around the world.

International Business Expansion – Integration

International Business Growth - Foreign Expansion - IntegrationBoost LLC - Cyrille MichelCyrille Michel started his international career at the European headquarter of an American company. With responsibility for finance, Human Resources and Information Systems, Cyrille oversaw operations in France, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. Operating in a widespread geography, Cyrille quickly developed awareness of cultural and global differences. With daily contacts and systematic monthly reporting to the US parent company, mastering clear communication became a must.

In 1988, Cyrille then moved with his family to the United States and his responsibilities grew to a world-wide level. This led to numerous visits to factories and sales operations in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan. After a transition to sales & marketing, Cyrille got deeply involved with customers around the world. Customers included small family-owned dealers, distributors, importers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers, again based all over the world. Assessing their overall performance and, if necessary, setting up new businesses, was all part of the experience. The learning certainly reinforced the need to respect the diverse cultures and ways of doing business.

International Business Integration – Return on Investment

More recently, Cyrille returned to Europe where he oversaw the overall operations of businesses in six different countries, including two acquisitions. Once again, focusing on the integration of the culture while seeking appropriate return on investment was the key operating theme. The assignment also involved selecting a location for a new manufacturing location.

In summary, Cyrille has spent all his career dealing with foreign operations. He has lived both in Europe and in the USA. He has traveled and negotiated with business owners at all levels. With the ever-increasing role of international trade, there is a large demand for expertise in assisting small to medium-sized foreign operations. This is what IntegrationBoost, LLC achieves.

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