Boost the Integration of Foreign Operations

As the market place becomes increasingly global, doing business abroad is sometimes necessary. It might be required either as an offensive move or a defensive one. In either case, the decision is generally complex. The execution of the expansion plan is typically even more difficult, often resulting in disappointing return on investment. Yet, provided some key rules are respected, the rewards of a foreign expansion can be substantial.

IntegrationBoost builds on over three decades of working in the international trade arena to help owners and senior management in improving the performance of foreign operations, existing or future. Cyrille Michel, founder and President of IntegrationBoost LLC, has lived both in Europe and in the United States. He has worked in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry with manufacturers, foreign subsidiaries, mass merchants, independent distributors, importers, dealers and end-users alike. Services are available either in English or in French.

IntegrationBoost provides a confidential expert sounding board to answer the following questions:

  1. How can we improve the performance of our foreign subsidiary? How do we ensure the appropriate integration between the foreign subsidiary and the parent company?

  2. How do we expand internationally? What is the best organization?

  3. Where should a new foreign operation be located?

  4. How do we measure the performance of an importer of our products in a foreign market?

  5. What is the best foreign exchange strategy?

In summary, IntegrationBoost focuses on the successful integration of either your existing or new foreign operation.

Think Global. Act Local.